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Stella and Michael are still at loggerheads and Aunty Brenda is a bundle of nerves ahead meeting her biological father Lord Lewellyn for the first time.

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Paula Kosh arrives to celebrate with Stella. Billy has been debbie mcgee fogyás with a permanent foster family.

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When Aunty Brenda meets Lord Lewellyn he mistakenly confuses her attention as an attempt to extort money from him and repels her. She ultimately decides that this doesn't matter, and that the man who brought her up will always be her father. Following Stella's graduation she and Michael argue on the walk back to her party at the Frisky Fox. As the argument reaches boiling point, Stella steps out in debbie mcgee fogyás road distracted and is struck by a car driving at speed.

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As Stella lies in a coma, her friends and family, including a devastated Michael sit and pour their feelings out to her. He confirms that he is dead, and explains that she is not, but that she is critically ill.

Rob explains that being dead is fascinating as he know what will happen to the residents of Pontyberry in the future For example Jackson grows up to be gay and becomes a Doctor and Rhian will have a major health scare and changes her ways.

The pair visit friends and family, culminating at the hospital where Stella sees herself in intensive care with Michael exhausted at her side.

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Rob explains he 6 kg zsírvesztés happy for Michael to be Holly's father and that he will be brilliant. He also explains to Stella that it is time for her to let him go.

As Rob fades away, Stella wakes from her coma. Soon afterwards Stella returns home. All her friends and family welcome her in the street.

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At the top of the street, the ghost of Rob Morgan watches them, smiling before fading away one last time.