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Lee as Dr. However, they find the apartment is not empty as expected, and a fierce firefight ensues. The building superintendent and the two drug dealers are killed. Paulie and Cary find a huge amount of money. Tension surges within the DiMeo family. Silvio makes rulings on how the Colombian score, and how Eugene 's former Roseville, New Jersey bookmaking revenue, should be split.

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None of the parties involved like his decisions. A reluctant boss, Silvio is later laid low by an asthma attack, and is himself hospitalised.

Vito quietly starts a campaign to position himself as a potential new leader, pointing to his recent weight loss as a sign of better health, and maintaining a cordial relationship with the Lupertazzi acting boss Phil Leotardowho is a second cousin of Vito's wife Marie.

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He also happens to be in the hospital when Meadow's fiancé Finn turns up, and makes a threatening pass at him. Christopher and Bobby confront A. They assure him that Tony would not want him involved. Carmela sees a TV special about the shooting, in which A. She is livid, and tells her son she wants to kill him. She sobs in her room.

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The next day, she has a session with Dr. She says she knew what Tony was when she married him, "but the kids, they don't decide who they're fogyás betegség to.

He has Benny Fazio and Murmur rough up screenwriter J. Dolanand orders him to write a script for a slasher mob film he wants to produce. Chris later vito sopranos fogyás a meeting with potential investors for the production, their chief adviser and partner being Little Carmine.

Nevertheless, Chris assures them the film is a guaranteed success. Although only family are allowed to see Tony, Silvio and Paulie are smuggled in by Carmela and Meadow.

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Left alone with Tony, Paulie proceeds to treat his unconscious boss to a tedious and discontented monologue about his current life. Tony's heart-rate escalates steadily, but Paulie does not notice it until he goes into cardiac arrest. Hospital staff rush in. Tony's dream sequence from the previous episode has continued.

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At his hotel room, he receives a court summons from the Buddhist monks addressed to Kevin Finnerty, and he begins to question his identity. He seeks answers from the bartender and the vito sopranos fogyás, but finds none.

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He is disturbed by muffled sounds from an adjoining room at his hotel Paulie is talking to himand he bangs angrily on the wall for quiet. Having found a flier for the Finnerty family reunion in his briefcase, he is greeted outside the venue by a man who looks like his cousin Tony Blundetto. The man tries to get Tony to enter the light-festooned house, assuring him that "everyone's here" and that he is "coming home"; but he also tells Tony that he must first let go of his "business" and hand over his briefcase.

Tony replies that he has already given away a briefcase once which had "his whole life inside" and does not want to do it again.

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Standing at the steps of the house, Tony hesitates for some time. With the figure of someone similar to his mother standing by the doorway in front of him, and the faint voice of a little girl coming from the trees behind him pleading with him not to go in the hospital Meadow is calling to her fatherTony chooses not to enter the house.

He awakes in the hospital.